Jose Salazar’s Tandoori-Inspired Chicken Wings

  This slideshow requires JavaScript. #gallery-6809796-1-slideshow .slideshow-slide img { max-height: 410px; /* Emulate max-height in IE 6 */ _height: expression(this.scrollHeight = 410 ? '410px' : 'auto'); }   24 chicken wings 3 cups Snowville Creamery yogurt 3 tablespoons madras curry powder 1 tablespoon canola oil 3 tablespoons siracha hot sauce 2 tablespoons kosher salt Juice of 1 lemon Directions Toast the curry powder with the canola oil for 2 minutes over low heat.… Read More

Spring is on the way!

It was a gray December Sunday when I stopped into the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market at Clark Montessori School for a bag of lettuce. Feeling the fatigue of overcommitment and stress that generally descends upon me during the holidays, I figured some fresh greens might help lighten the mood. I chatted with Claire Luff of Finn Meadows Farm as she scooped up handfuls of lettuce.… Read More

Edible Feast – Ohio Valley

Season 2 of The Victory Garden presents Edible Feast has hit the PBS airwaves! During the summer of 2014 filmmakers from Perennial Plate came to Cincinnati to film episode 3 in the Ohio Valley. In case you missed it on our local PBS stations (KET, CET, ThinkTV) we have it here for your viewing pleasure – it's like watching the pages of Edible Ohio Valley come to life!

To Market, To Market

Julie Kramer and I spent the first half of this year gathering stories, images, and recipes from the cast of characters that make up the Findlay Market community. With assistance from Karen Kahle of the market, we collaborated on The Findlay Market Cookbook, due out in October from Farm Fresh Books. The book celebrates the best of local food in Cincinnati, as it’s exemplified by our historic market. It captures the personalities that make the market special: rookie farmers like Annie Wood and old-timers like Marvin Barbian.

Sustain Brand

New Richmond, Ohio “Local is better than anything else,” says Matthew Kennedy, the owner and designer of Sustain Brand. “It keeps dollars local, small guys stay in business, products are better and fresher, and it’s transparent.” With a back.ground in branding and marketing, Kennedy saw that cheaper, faster, and bigger drove the marketplace — but that didn’t sit well with him.… Read More

It’s Turkey Time!

We know that most of you haven’t ordered your local turkeys for Thanksgiving yet so this is your official reminder to do so with a couple of shopping tips for buying a delicious bird. Making the purchase can be a little daunting so here’s a quick cheat sheet. Pick your breed: Heritage Turkey Unfortunately you may never see the beautiful plumage on your bird, but what you’re invested in is the meat.… Read More

Quickie Cornbread Muffins

Quickie Cornbread Muffins Photo: ©2014, Julie Kramer makes 12 full-size muffins Here’s a quick and delicious take on the classic corn muffin from Chef Renee Schuler of Eat Well Catering & Events. Both wet and dry mixes can be prepped the night before making the muffins; all you have to do is combine the two blends and bake before serving.… Read More

Growing Together

The families who make up Sunrise Farm in Winchester, OH, pool their labor and resources to farm on a larger scale than any of them could manage alone. For this Mennonite community, farming is an all-hands-on-deck endeavor, as men, women, and children collaborate to grow, harvest, and collectively distribute fresh produce to local retailers.… Read More

The Locavore Store

Photograph: ©2014, Natalie Jeanne Photograph: ©2014, Natalie Jeanne West Chester, Ohio With a focus on completing the circle of nature — connecting the land, the animals that graze on it, and the people that inhabit an environment — Kip and Jen Kummerle began Grassland Graze Farm in 2004 in Adams County, OH.… Read More

Confetti Risotto

  Confetti Risotto Photo: ©2014, Julie Kramer makes 4 main-dish servings or 6 side-dish servings You’ll find everything you need for this attractive and flavorful risotto at Findlay Market — right down to the wine. Stop into Market Wines and ask Michael Maxwell to recommend some.thing new and interesting from his off-the-beaten-path selection.… Read More

Larder: Hickory King Collective Corn Chips

May’s Lick, Kentucky Hickory King Collective Corn Chips are made in May’s Lick, KY, for Sunflower Sundries, a family business that sells locally and through an shop. Hickory Collective makes their chips from heirloom white Hickory King corn grown without chemicals or GMOs. The old-fashioned variety has more sugar and protein than most other corn.… Read More

Pizza with Prosciutto, Fontina, and Lemony Arugula

Pizza with Prosciutto, Fontina, and Lemony Arugula Photo: ©2014, Julie Kramer makes 4 servings Piling a big salad on top of a pizza is a little unconventional, but in this recipe, the peppery arugula mixed with a tangy citrus-infused olive oil makes the perfect counterpoint to the rich cheese and prosciutto on the crust.… Read More