Larder: Hickory King Collective Corn Chips

May’s Lick, Kentucky Hickory King Collective Corn Chips are made in May’s Lick, KY, for Sunflower Sundries, a family business that sells locally and through an shop. Hickory Collective makes their chips from heirloom white Hickory King corn grown without chemicals or GMOs. The old-fashioned variety has more sugar and protein than most other corn.… Read More

Pizza with Prosciutto, Fontina, and Lemony Arugula

Pizza with Prosciutto, Fontina, and Lemony Arugula Photo: ©2014, Julie Kramer makes 4 servings Piling a big salad on top of a pizza is a little unconventional, but in this recipe, the peppery arugula mixed with a tangy citrus-infused olive oil makes the perfect counterpoint to the rich cheese and prosciutto on the crust.… Read More

Larder: Husk Sweet Corn

Indianapolis, Indiana Husk Sweet Corn is grown locally by Indiana farmers just east of Indianapolis. Supplied by four Indiana farms, Husk processes 200,000 pounds of sweet corn in just two months, preserving harvest at its peak so that it’s available to customers year-round. Husk’s frozen sweet corn is harvested from non-GMO crops and packaged without additives — you can taste the difference.… Read More

Larder: Bourbon Barrel Soy Sauce

Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky is world-famous for bourbon, but Kentuckians do more than just drink it. At Bourbon Barrel Foods, they make an assortment of spices and sauces that are flavored with bourbon, aged in bourbon barrels, or smoked over repurposed barrel staves. Everything at Bourbon Barrel Foods is handmade and hand-bottled in Kentucky.… Read More

Work Horses

The Big Picture – Work HorsesPictures & text by Reed DeWinter Farms are complicated. Equipment is complicated. People are complicated. And there is never just one right way to do something. Fuel or feed, equipment needs power. Rubber or steel, tools need traction. Electrical or intestinal, bugs need fixing. Fitting the yoke or easing the choke, control is crucial.… Read More

Market Basket Mixed Grill 

Market Basket Mixed Grill Photo: ©2014, Julie Kramer makes 6–8 servings There’s pretty much no vegetable known to mankind that doesn’t improve with a little time spent on a hot grill. (That even goes for the vegetables you don’t think you — or your kids — like.) Drizzled with a bit of good olive oil and sprinkled with salt, vegetables take on a charry sweetness when they’re grill-roasted.… Read More

Northern Kentucky Incubator Kitchen

Photograph by: ©2014, Natalie JeannePhotograph by: ©2014, Natalie Jeanne Covington, Kentucky Northern Kentucky Incubator Kitchen is a nurturing home for small startup food companies that need a little help get.ting their feet off the ground. To the 10 entrepreneurs based there, the NKY Incubator Kitchen provides a kitchen space, a wealth of knowledge, and a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about food, where it comes from, and how it is made.… Read More

Edible Reads: The Third Plate

By Dan Barber This book is filled with profound experiences of a great chef — Dan Barber of Blue Hill at Stone Barns Farm in Newburgh, NY — as he explores why some of the food he orders has so much flavor. The vision of the “third plate” is his synthesis of these experiences: Our society has shifted from a plate comprised of steak, potatoes, and vegetables to a farm-to-table plate.… Read More

Edible Reads: Local

By Douglas Gayeton If you attended our Ohio Valley Greenmarket event in August, you were greeted by a set of posters from the Lexicon of Sustainability — it was a series of eye-catching posters with pictures and lots of words and quotes. Words like ‘relocalize’ accompanied a quote from a woman named Olivia: “Let’s bring back the guilds, the granges, the purveyors, the merchants, and the artisans so we have both craft and community.” The co-founder of the Lexicon of Sustainability and Project Localize wrote this book, which chronicles his journey to ensure that his daughter see salmon spawning again in his of Petaluma, CA, where pollution has affected the Petaluma River watershed.… Read More

Edible Reads: The Living Landscape

By Rick Darke and Doug Tallamy At the Ohio Valley Greenmarket, featured speaker Rick Darke enthralled the audience with a highly visual presentation based on his book. While it’s lovely to look at, The Living Landscape is, more important, an excellent reference for home gardeners and professional landscapers alike. Darke and Tallamy describe the layered characteristics of the natural landscape.—canopy trees, understory trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, ground cover — and how this layering supports a whole eco.system of flora and fauna.… Read More
Honeyed Fruit Compote Photo: ©2014, Julie Kramer

Honeyed Fruit Compote

Honeyed Fruit Compote Photo: ©2014, Julie Kramer makes 4 servings Mark Bering speaks with some awe about the nature of the bees he keeps, and no wonder. They’re remarkable creatures that per.form near miracles as they pollinate crops and produce their sweet nectar. That cycle is evident in this recipe, inspired by Bering Bees honey, for fruit compote.… Read More
Melty Baked Brie with Herb-Infused Local Honey  Photo: ©2014, Julie Kramer

Melty Baked Brie with Herbed Honey

Melty Baked Brie with Herb-Infused Local Honey Photo: ©2014, Julie Kramer makes 6–8 servings As it’s harvested throughout the season, local raw honey takes on different characteristics. Bee Haven Honey owner Samantha Gordon says spring honey is lighter in color and flavor, while summer honey takes on notes of trees and flowers.… Read More