Pork Cheese You & Me

We’re all on the verge of insanity – won’t winter say it’s goodbyes and let spring come tiptoeing through the door? Thursday marks the arrival of the spring equinox, and we’ve decided that it might take a little effort on our part to usher in the daffodils this year. Although… Read More

The Stinking Rose: A Gardener’s Favorite Part II

Garlic is incredibly old. Ancient writings date its use back to 3000 BC by the Egyptians. Chinese and Indian cultures valued garlic for its medicinal and Ayurvedic properties, and certain religious orders of those regions considered it a forbidden aphrodisiac. Interestingly, garlic wasn’t used for cookery in ancient civilizations because… Read More

Mastering Fermentation

For those of us who enjoy making things ourselves, “Mastering Fermentation” by Mary Karlin is a dream. Karlin begins with the suggestion to start small with fermented projects that can fit into a single jar. From there, the doors open wide to such recipes as Rhubarb Preserves, Fermented Mixed Bean… Read More

50 Foods

Behr remains a connoisseur of good food with this second title under his belt. If you’re a fan of his quarterly magazine “The Art of Eating,” you’ll love “50 Foods” as an in-the-kitchen handbook of raw materials. If you’re not familiar with Behr, this book gives you a peek into… Read More

Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking

While this guide to making artisan cheese features 30+ recipes, it also demystifies the science behind cheesemaking — the process of transforming an ordinary liquid into a diverse, complex solid. It presents cheesemaking as a carefully directed theater act, and milk is center stage. However, this artform depends on all… Read More

Village Life

Surrounded by 200 acres of green space, the Enright Ridge Urban Eco-Village is a model for urban farming and ecologically sound living.
Suppose you were to learn that there’s a community minutes from downtown where a group of ecologically minded people are growing their own food, turning old houses into… Read More

Resurrecting Cincinnati’s Brewing Spirit

A fortuitous meeting between two beverage aficionados (one coffee, one beer) leads to a heady partnership and the city’s newest craft brewing brand.
How do two men from New England meet in San Francisco and wind up devoting their lives to breathing life back into Cincinnati’s brewing heritage? The answer… Read More

Bee Haven Honey

How often does a single book change your life? That’s what happened to Samantha Gordon after she read “The Secret Life of Bees” and became fascinated with the ritual, the skill, and the rewards of beekeeping. Before long, she was putting up hives on 5½ acres of land in… Read More

From The Editor – Spring 2014

When our team brainstormed ideas for this edition, we stumbled upon ‘culture’ as a unifying thread. The varying definitions of the word allowed us to paint the issue’s contents with a broad brush. From the World English Dictionary:
cul•ture (noun) 

 the total range of activities and ideas of a group… Read More

Vintage Kitchen Gadgets

Often, older tools work so much better than their modern reproductions. My mother and grandmother both cherish (and refuse to part with) their 1950s-era Mirro cookie presses. A new plastic version that I purchased wasn’t worth a hoot, so I scouted local antique shops to find an old Mirro, which… Read More

James Beard House: Heritage Pork Dinner

Heritage Pork Feast 
In August 2013, guests at the James Beard House enjoyed 11 courses — all made with pork — created by five chefs who met at Woodlands Pork. During this dining experience, a guest at my table stated, “this is porky-pork.” His sentiment reflected the unbelievable flavors in… Read More

The Ohio Valley’s Brewing Resurgence

Three Home Brewers Make the Leap to Commercial Brewing There is a commercial brewing resurgence happening in the city of Cincinnati. Resurgence? Absolutely. Brewing history in Cincinnati dates back to 1811, when Davis Embree opened The Embree Brewery on Water Street downtown, just east of what is now the Brent… Read More